Referral Rewards

“Referral Rewards


If there is someone in your circle of friends and family who has an HVAC need, please let us know by completing our form. Once we contact your referral and they become customers, we will give you a $25.00 credit on your next service, maintenance agreement, indoor air quality product or service, or system replacement as a token of our appreciation for your referral.

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Evolution Demo

“Take It For a Spin!

The Evolution® Connex control is downright fun! Because it can communicate with the Evolution system, the Connex control always knows what’s going on with the system and how to ramp it up or down to save money. It knows the temperature outside and what the Evolution furnace, air conditioner or heat pump has done each time it comes on to warm or cool your home.

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Bryant Thermostats and Controls

Our Control of Your Home Comfort

With our wide range of dependable programmable thermostats, non-programmable thermostats and zoning thermostats-including our award winning Evolution® Control-you have total control over temperature, humidity, air treatment and timing.

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Complete Line of Bryant Heating and Cooling Products

Bryant® has Over 100 Years of Air Conditioning Experience

Bryant central air conditioners deliver cool air through ducts to keep your whole home comfortable, while heat pumps are central air conditioners that can also heat your home. Used with a gas furnace, heat pumps add extra heating options, which allow you to choose to heat with gas or electricity. It's what we at Bryant call our HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel system. Remember, the higher the SEER and HSPF ratings, the more efficient and energy cost-saving.

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Bryant Perfect Air Products

Designed with Health in Mind

Upgrade your home by improving the quality of the air inside. Bryant humidifiers help you control air moisture, ventilators bring fresh air into your home air filters clean the air before it circulates, ultraviolet lamps help keep coils cleaner, and carbon monoxide alarms measure and detect CO levels in the home.

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Bryant Geothermal Heat Pumps

Efficient, Advanced Heat Pump Technology Using Ground-Source Energy

Innovative Bryant geothermal heat pumps tap into the earth's surface to use the energy and consistent heat found in the ground, a pond or well water as a heat source and heat sink - instead of using outside air like traditional heat pumps. Geothermal heat pumps provide both cooling and heating to your home, and are able to maintain the highest efficiency on even the coldest winter nights or the hottest summer days, saving money.

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Bryant Ventilators

Bring Fresh Air into Your Home All Year — Without Losing Energy

Efficient and hard-working Bryant Energy Recovery Ventilators bring fresh air into your home throughout the longer cooling season, while Heat Recovery Ventilators keep your air warm and fresh during longer heating seasons—forcing stale air and pollutants out of your home. That means better air for your family to breathe.

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"At Carolina Comfort Systems, your satisfaction is our guarantee." --Andy Johnson, Owner

heat pump repair conway, AC repair Conway, AC repair Myrtle Beach, Heat Pump Repair Myrtle BeachFrom the cold nights of winter through the hot days of summer, our mission at Carolina Comfort Systems is to keep your home or business comfortable.  As an authorized Bryant Dealer in South Carolina, we provide HVAC service and installation in Myrtle Beach, Conway, and all areas of the Grand Strand. 

When you call Carolina Comfort Systems, Inc., you can expect us to respond quickly to all your comfort needs, whether an emergency or for routine preventive maintenance in the middle of the day.  We are available to assist you with HVAC Repair and Maintenance from Myrtle Beach to Conway and North Myrtle Beach to Georgetown.  We even Service the Florence, SC area.

Carolina Comfort Systems, Inc. offers you peace of mind by ensuring your equipment operates as safely and efficiently as possible.  We also work to lower your utility bills, and deliver relief to those with allergies and many others concerned with the quality of the air they breathe.

Call us today to find out how we can assist you!  We are your HVAC Repair and Maintenance Company of Myrtle Beach.  We are Carolina Comfort Systems, and your satisfaction is our guarantee!  Call 843-365-5711.